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Car Dismantling Shear Excavator Hydraulic Demolition Shear For Excavators

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Car Dismantling Shear Excavator Hydraulic Demolition Shear For Excavators
Latest company news about Car Dismantling Shear Excavator Hydraulic Demolition Shear For Excavators

Demolition shears cut iron, steel, cans, pipes, and more. The design and innovation of the demolition shears ensure its working performance and good shearing force, and its performance is better than that of ordinary shears. In its basic application project, it can be used for the disassembly of abandoned vehicles instead of manual disassembly, which improves the efficiency of disassembly. Improve work efficiency, reduce work intensity and reduce environmental pollution.

Because the external hydraulic system of the demolition shears provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, so as to obtain effective shearing force to complete the demolition work, the economical application of shearing for demolition is not only reflected in the good working performance of the machine and the failure caused by the reduction of cost losses, And the operator should master reasonable fuel-saving operation skills.

First of all, in the process of using the car dismantling shears, the force should be uniform, and the force should not be too large, which can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also protect related parts and improve work efficiency.

According to different work items, reasonable demolition planning can also promote the smooth progress of the work, thereby reducing the increase in fuel consumption caused by time-consuming demolition work.

Additionally, it reduces drag and reduces camouflage fuel consumption. We should also try to avoid doing ineffective actions. The oil consumed by doing ineffective actions is completely wasted.

Reasonable use of oil can not only give full play to the performance of the shears, but also reduce oil consumption. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be moderate, and the viscosity temperature index of the oil should not be less than 90. A good hydraulic fluid should have good chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability.

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