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China JISAN HEAVY INDUSTRY LTD certification
China JISAN HEAVY INDUSTRY LTD certification
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Latest company news about DEMOLITION SHEARS

Mobile scrap shears to process ferrous metals, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals have manufactured highly-efficient demolition shears to effectively cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials. mobile scrap shears efficiently reduce the size of steel and aluminium bars, profiles and downsize bulky scrap.

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mobile scrap shears are ideal for processing:
Ferrous bars, rods and I-beams
Bulky, bulky and oversized scrap metal
Aluminium scrap, bars and profiles
End-of-life ships and aircraft
Railway and tramway lines

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The demolition shears for unrivalled results
The exceptional cutting force of demolition attachments are due to the combined effect of high performance cutting blades, reliable gearboxes and a robust torsion free main body made from the finest steel. Depending on the material you need to process, has the right sized shear to suet your excavator. manufacture a series of demolition shears specifically suited to the job requirements. With 8 different models of mobile scrap shears to choose from, you can be sure that have the right shear in the correct size and weight in order to satisfy even the most specific production requirements.

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Extremely powerful cutting performance
The wide jaw opening of demolition shears guarantees high cutting performance while a large discharge area on the non-cutting side of the mobile jaw ensures quick discharge rates without blocking. mobile scrap shears are also equipped with a sturdy large-bore hydraulic main cylinder and a central pin designed to be especially resistant to thrust damage. The extremely high durability of the central pin is due to a specific production procedure known as ‘cryogenic shrink fitting’ where the pin is cooled down using liquid nitrogen before inserting in to the housing. The gradual warming back to room temperature creates a perfect fit in the pin housing for better durability and reliability.

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Mobile rail shears and rail cutting accessories
The series of shears and rail cutting attachments are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently cut all kinds of rail. Due to the high rebound shock involved in cutting train track rails, the shear needs to be built extra robustly. years of experience coupled with feedback from many international customers have led to design and build the perfect shear to reliably cut rail road tracks and tram rails down to a manageable size.

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manufacture a full range of demolition shears:
mobile scrap shears
Demolition shears for ferrous metals, aluminium, non-ferrous metals
mobile shears
Hydraulic breakers and attachments for cutting rails

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