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What is a hydraulic shear used for?

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What is a hydraulic shear used for?
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It is used for intricate cuts and curves. Hydraulic shears are fast and accurate and make it easy to cut large amounts of metal in factories. Hydraulic shears do not require much maintenance as mechanical models and are therefore cost-effective.

Robust StructureThe main structure is made of high-strength steel, and the key parts are scientifically reinforced to prevent collisions and accidental impacts during operation.Maintenance Space DesignedFacilitate the maintenance and repair of internal core components.Special Design CylinderProtection DesignThe oil cylinder and the rotary hydraulic motor are equipped with protective covers, so that they can still work normally in harsh environments.ValveA speed-increasing valve is installed at the root of the cylinder to speed up the shearing and improve work efficiency.Rotating DeviceDriven by a self-protected hydraulic motor, it can rotate 360 degrees, and it can be unloaded when the rotating device is subjected to additional drag.Spindle Pub Time : 2022-04-14 10:24:39 >> News list
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